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Understanding the DUI Process

Getting a DUI is a very difficult time in anyone's life.  New Visions is committed to helping all its clients work through the Court process as painlessly as possible.  The process begins with completing a DUI evaluation.  For arrests in DuPage County, DUI evaluations are done at the County Complex (630) 407-8384) while evaluations for Cook County are handled at the Central States Institute (312) 655-7530). In all other counties, an evaluation can be completed at any private treatment provider's location, including New Visions where we work closely with the Illinois Court system.


The DUI Process

- You Will Be Required to Go to Court
- You Will Receive Your Court Date at the Time You Are Arrested
- Your Driver's License Will Be Suspended 45 Days after Your Arrest for Either 6 or    12 Months for a First Time DUI Offender
- You Will Be Required to Complete a DUI Evaluation
- You Will Be Required to Complete Alcohol Education or Treatment Depending on     the Results of the Evaluation

DUI Facts

Around 61% of first-time DUI arrests result in court supervision. A person can only receive supervision once in their lifetime. You may petition the court to allow you to keep your license, however, the percentages of winning are low. A first DUI is a Class A misdemeanor. If convicted, driving privileges can be suspended for one year and you may face imprisonment for up to a year. Underage DUI convictions result in loss of driving privileges for a minimum of two years.