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The Fastest Way to Recover Your License

Being convicted of a DUI will result in a revoked license, which significantly impacts both your professional and personal life. Having to rely on public transportation or arranging rides with friends and family gets old fast and places enormous limits on your freedom. Thankfully, New Visions Court Counseling is here to help.

When the Secretary of State revokes your driving privileges, getting your license reinstated can be a very long and complicated process. We specialize in driver's license reinstatement. Our staff provides each and every precise document the Secretary of State requires in order to get you back on the road legally. Call our office today Downers Grove, Illinois, to let us help you.


Experience You Can Depend On

Our counselors are experts in performing all services required to satisfy the Secretary of State. We are experienced in addressing orders of denial in the event that the Secretary of State rejects your request to reinstate you drivers license.

Secretary of State Evaluations

- Updated Evaluations (Valid for 6 Months)
- Non-DUI Investigative Reports
- Treatment Needs Assessments
- Treatment Needs Assessment Waivers
- Letter Addressing an Order of Denial
- Letter Addressing Alternative Support
- Alcohol & Drug Chronological History
- Clinical Diagnostic Review